10 Items You Need for Spring

Spring Must-Haves

40 degrees probably doesn’t qualify as spring weather, but contrary to the wind and low temperatures, it’s actually spring already!

Spring in the city is interesting, because those rain showers can really be annoying to deal with. I’m excited to go to Central Park though and see how the city starts to brighten up again. Spring in Richmond was always my favorite because of the cherry blossoms and warm weather!

I’ve found myself reaching for certain items (rain gear) recently, and adding some spring pieces into my life. If you’re similar and like to make a few easy changes for spring, check out these 10 items you should grab now!

The 10 Spring Must-Have Items



  1. Denim Jacket– The ultimate layering piece.  A denim jacket is perfect to layer with a sundress or pair with white jeans.
  2. Umbrella– DUH. I’ve gone through three umbrellas in the past month, and decided to invest in a more durable one. I love how this one actually covers more of you, so you won’t get soaked.
  3. Floral Top– Sorry if you’re already sick of florals, but they are here to stay! This one has some bright colors in it, but isn’t too bright and aggressive.
  4. Handbag– Winter handbags are usually dark, and spring is a great time to brighten up your accessories too. How cute is this bag? The floral keychain is detachable too.
  5. Diffuser– If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been diffusing essential oils for a while now. I’m gong to incorporate more citrus and florals scents for the new season.
  6. Comfy Sneakers– Booties are done and sneakers are in. It might not be hot enough for sandals yet, so these are my go-to comfortable shoes.
  7. Lighter Denim– Add in some light wash denim to your mix! This allows me to pair springy tops for a cute outfit.
  8. Accent Tray– Spring is also a great time to add some simple changes to your home. I saw this floral tray and fell in love! Thinking it could even be a good Mother’s Day present 🙂
  9. Rain Jacket– Investing in a good rain jacket is definitely worth it. Protect all of your cute spring outfits for one like this.
  10. Hunter Boots– Last, but not least, rain boots! These short. pink boots are my fav! Adorable and practical? Sign me up.

Do you guys have any spring must-haves?! Let me know!








11 thoughts on “10 Items You Need for Spring

  1. We’re still waiting for spring here lol! But all of these items are so cute! I’m in love with denim jackets!

  2. We’re still waiting on spring weather here! But all of these items are so cute!! I’m in love with denim jackets!

  3. Denim jackets are definitely my go-to for spring outfits. I can’t get enough of them! I also agree with the diffuser for essential oils. With all the allergies that are triggered this time of year, it’s a life saver!!

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