24 Thoughts for 2024

24 thoughts for 2024

The for 24 thoughts for 2024 idea came from not wanting make to resolutions, but more small goals that I can focus on throughout the year. When it comes to a new year, I feel like there’s so much pressure to start fresh and be a better version of yourself. I’ve learned to give myself grace and always keep a form of balance in my goals and thoughts for the year.

Of course I want to be healthier, stronger, etc. But, if I deprive myself of anything fun and restrict everything, it’s just not worth it! Back to the 24 thoughts- this list is not all actions that I’m doing 100% of the time, or even all together at the same time. Rather, it’s a list of reminders or small goals that I plan to reflect on throughout the year, in no order of importance. I’d love it if you check out the list below and let me know what you think of this approach! 🙂

24 Thoughts for 2024

  1. Find little reasons to celebrate each day
  2. Practice gratitude
  3. Travel to 3 new places/cities
  4. Focus on whole food nutrition
  5. Declutter spaces around me
  6. Digital detox when possible
  7. More time reading
  8. Less time doom scrolling
  9. Vitamins + supplements to feel my best
  10. Get that water intake!
  11. Visit new local spots in our neighborhood
  12. Daily mile walk outside (with the dog!)
  13. Workouts that fuel my body
  14. Cook more, order food less
  15. Meaningful time with my husband
  16. Daily devotional readings
  17. Volunteer more/get involved
  18. Give back to the community
  19. Prioritize tasks in order of importance
  20. Think longer before reacting
  21. Smile, it’s easier to be nice to people 🙂
  22. Try not to fall into the comparison trap
  23. Go to bed and wake up earlier
  24. Appreciate the joys of life!!
xx lauren

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