4 Ways to Pamper Yourself as a Couple

Tired of going to the same old dinner and a movie? Wish you had more time to relax? Same. Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that self-care should go out the window. There are so many ways that you and your boo can treat yourselves as a couple and get a little extra R + R in.

I’ve slowly been introducing Tim to the beauty of self-care and pampering, and I’m happy to say that we’ve done several relaxing things as a couple now. Not only did it help us relax, but we were able to have fun together too. Keep reading for 4 ways to pamper yourself.

4 Ways to Pamper Yourself as a Couple

  1. Get a couples massage– I know it might seem cliché, but a couples massage is SO relaxing. I’m someone who would get a massage everyday if possible, but getting one with Tim made it even more fun. If you’re based in NYC, my favorite spot recently is Haven Spa. It’s in Greenwich Village and offers many spa services, including massage. They have a great space and we felt comfortable and relaxed the whole time.
  2. Go for a walk and picnic– Sometimes all you need is a little fresh air you feel like a new person. An inexpensive date idea that will leave you relaxed is to take a walk in the park and then have a picnic.
  3. Have a spa night at home– Add a little pampering to your Netflix + Chill. I’ve convinced Tim to start using basic skincare (face lotion, eye cream, etc.) and he’s loving the results! His favorite products have been Kiehl’s, so we’ll have a his + her mask night while we watch a movie. It’s super relaxing and our skin looks amazing after.
  4. Take a workout class– Where’s my fit fam at?! I’ve been trying out a lot of new classes recently on Classpass, and found a bunch that I think couples would enjoy. In a time crunch? You can hangout and workout at the same time.

What are your favorite ways to relax as a couple?!



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