4 Ways to Think Pink for October

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Every October, so many of my favorite brands come together to think pink for an incredible cause: Breast Cancer Awareness month. One in every eight women will develop the disease over the course of her lifetime, according to statistics, and this is a cause that I like to support each and every year. I also love finding companies that make great products and also give back! There are still several days left this month, so make sure you shop for the cause!


Below you can find a list of four of my favorite ways to think pink this month, but there are SO many others too.

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Four Brands to Shop and Support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:


ONEHOPE is probably my favorite online site to buy different wines! I love discovering new brands and trying out different bottles. ONEHOPE’s whole mission is about creating products that inspire people to do good. While they always give proceeds back to charitable foundations, they especially give back to women’s health causes during October with their Drink Pink campaign.  They have about 8 different products that donate to the cause in different ways, but two of my favorites are the pink glitter chardonnay and the frosé gift box.

For every two bottles of the pink glitter chardonnay sold, it funds a clinical trial for one woman with breast cancer.  For every frosé gift box sold, 100 women are educated on their risks and symptoms of ovarian cancer.


2. Woops! Bakeshop

Woops! knows how to make amazing macarons. They also have several cafes around the city that are perfect to spend the afternoon in. Woops! is allowing customers to go pink by turning their online orders of macaron boxes pink during October. All you have to do is check the box by “make my box pink” and they will donate $1 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.


3. Aerie

For the 8th year, Aerie is partnering with Bright Pink to raise money for breast cancer awareness by selling limited edition t-shirts. 100% of proceeds from the t-shirt sales go to Bright Pink, a company that informs women about cancer risks starting at an early age. You can shop the shirts here, and they are only $15!


4. Ulta

Everyone’s favorite beauty retailer is also getting in on the think pink fun. Ulta has a whole page on their site with cute accessories in partnership with BRCF (Breast Cancer Research Fund). They also have a fundraising area set up for you to donate! All donations are made through Ulta Beauty Charitable Foundation


What are your favorite ways to support the cause??




31 thoughts on “4 Ways to Think Pink for October

  1. I don’t know if you have it over there, but in Sweden there’s a pin created every year by a famous designer which is sold for like $3 in grocery stores, gas stations and basically everywhere and by wearing that pin I both make a statement that I support the cause as well as donate (even though a small amount) of money to research. Apart from that I try to buy everything pink for October just for this cause alone! Great you’re supporting it too!
    Thomas xx

  2. Fabulous roundup of fun and stylish ways to support. Talbots always does a special scarf that is super cozy. I also love giving to local organizations that work with patients, survivors and their families! Cheers!

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