7 Items to keep on your Nightstand


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The first thing you wake up to and the last thing you see before bed.

Before I went to college, I didn’t really understand the importance of a nightstand. My books would always find their way on the floor beside my bed, and it would be a mess. Since I don’t like messes, I knew I had to do something about it.

I found that a nightstand can have a big impact on your life. It’s the first thing you wake up to in the morning and the last thing that accompanies you before bed. So, making it cute is an absolute necessity.

I was on Pinterest when I started finding some serious inspiration for my college dorm room (I’m sure y’all can relate, because Pinterest saves lives), and that’s when I found photos of adorable nightstands. My favorite pictures included a trendy cart with different items put on each shelf, and it inspired me so much that I did it myself.

7 Items You Need On Your Nightstand at the Honey Scoop

Nightstands don’t have to cost a lot of money either! Utilizing a cart as your nightstand can be a great way to stay organized and also save a lot of money. This white rolling cart costs only 30 bucks, so you don’t need to spend a fortune with these things.

You might be wondering, Ashley, I already have a great nightstand. But I want to know what to put on it.

And friend, that’s what I’m here for.

So without further ado, here are 7 items you need on your nightstand.


1. Notebook to write in


Notebook - 7 Items You Need On Your Nightstand at the Honey Scoop

You know those days when you want to just VENT but you don’t actually want to tell anyone what’s going on? That’s what a notebook is for. Β The great thing about a notebook is that it listens and listens and doesn’t give any advice at all. When I need to process something, the best thing I can do is write down all of my thoughts in one of these handy dandy things.

If you don’t journal regularly, I recommend that you give it a try. It just might change your life. I’ve actually been journaling since I was in 2nd grade, and yes, I still do look back on my journals and laugh at the things I was freaking out about.

The beautiful thing about journals is you can see all the times you thought the world was going to end, and see that it all turned out okay. I frequently freak out, like it’s my job, and I am usually writing entries about my worries because everything is a mess and blah-blah-blah. But from looking at my past entries and seeing that everything ended up working out, I can look at my current struggles and have confidence that all things will work together for the good.


2. Eye mask


Eye mask - 7 Items You Need On Your Nightstand at the Honey Scoop

I have to wake up really early for most of my classes, and my three roommates do not share the same struggle. So if they are staying up a little later one night, it’s nice to have a sleeping mask to prioritize my shut-eye.

In all honesty, I also want to wake up feeling like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And I hope I’m not alone in that.


3. Hand cream

Hand Cream - 8 Items You Need On Your Nightstand


This one is really important. When your hands are feeling dry, and you don’t want to get out of bed to get your hand cream, then it’s crucial to have one right on your nightstand. I recently got this one, and it smells like lavender. You can probably can tell by now what my favorite scent is.


4. Cute mug with pens


Cute mug - 7 Items You Need On Your Nightstand at the Honey Scoop


You might be confused at why I have a mug on my nightstand, but this definitely came from Pinterest inspiration. I found that many people were replacing pencil holders with mugs, and I thought that was genius. So I keep all my pens in this cute lil thing, for writing in my notebook and annotating my books.


5. Warm lamp


Warm lamp - 8 Items You Need On Your Nightstand


A nice lamp is crucial for your nightstand. I have a teal one that is really cute, and it’s hue is very warm and comforting. I don’t like harsh lighting on my nightstand, because it’s time to go to sleep, not conquer the world. So remember that when looking for a shade, target one that emulates a warmer hue.


6. Good books


Books - 7 Items You Need On Your Nightstand at the Honey Scoop


If you’re a bookworm, take note. I love to read before bed, so it’s a must for me to have all of my books available and ready for some reading time. I usually read one fiction book and one non-fiction/ inspirational book, and that formula has helped me through a lot of seasons.

In all honesty, I don’t know how anyone could survive without good books. This quote describes my thoughts:

A room without books is like a body without a soul. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

I certainly agree to that, and I think you definitely want your room to have a soul, amiright?!


7. Linen Spray

Room spray - 8 Items You Need On Your Nightstand

I may be weird, but linen spray just makes me feel happy inside. Linen spray is great for helping your sheets feel soft and smell fresh. I am a routine person, so once I am spraying my sheets with this stuff, that’s when my mind knows it is time for bed.

And if you really wanna go above and beyond, you can get a room spray to accompany this. I have a lavender one that I also spray before bed, but you don’t need to go overboard like me. I just really like a good-smelling space. And on top of the lavender scent smelling like heaven, studies show that lavender can help you fall asleep. So you can have a great night sleep and also be in a tranquil space- and not much can top that.

At this point, you are probably ready to deck out your nightstand. After all, it does have a huge impact on your waking up and falling asleep, so it’s worth taking into consideration. Have fun decorating!

What is a necessity for your nightstand? Comment below!

Xoxo, Ash at the Honey Scoop

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