7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

7 last minute Valentine's Day gift ideas

If you’re still looking for last minute Valentine’s Day gifts, here are a few that will please everyone and be on time for this weekend! Flowers are always a fan-favorite, but sometimes out-of-the-box gifts are fun too. Usually, we love giving experiences for holidays, but it’s tough to do right now with things closed and social distancing.

There are a ton of last minute Valentine’s Day gifts and activities that will arrive on time to share with your significant other. Even if you’re celebrating Galentine’s this year, some of these would be super fun with your friends, too! Also, if you need outfit ideas, check out this post.

7 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

last minute Valentine's Day gifts

Take an online cooking class together

Online cooking classes have become popular over the past year. I’ve actually done a few and they’re a blast! I recommend signing up with one that sends you pre-packaged ingredients that makes it easy. One of our favorites is Truffle Shuffle. They ship anywhere and have so many yummy options. You can also check if any of your local restaurants are doing at-home cooking kits. My favorite in Jersey City is Porta!

Give them a Winc Wine Subscription

We love Winc! You get to take a quiz based on your preferences and they curate a box of 4 wines to send. You can subscribe to get new wines every month or stick to your favorites. This link will get you 40% off and free shipping.

Order heart-shaped pizza

YUM. The way to my heart is food, duh. Lot’s of pizza shops do this, and it’s a fun and tasty gift that you all can enjoy. I’m going to order from Tony Baloney’s and get the heart pizza topped with garlic knots!

Treat yourselves to a couples massage

If spas are open in your area and operating safely, a couples massage is romantic and relaxing. We’ve done these before and love them!

Have a fondue night party

A cute date night at home that you can customize. This set will arrive on time for the weekend and you can use chocolate or cheese to make your favorite snacks.

Make a Valentine’s Day Treat Board

I shared this on Instagram and you loved it! We had a blast putting it together with candy, cookies, and fresh fruit. It’s super easy to do and looks great. It would be perfect for a girl’s night too.

Do a virtual wine tasting (or beer, etc.)

Another great date night at home. Choose whichever drink is your favorite and take an online tasting. I’d love to do this wine class by Winekey.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day this year?

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