Drugstore Beauty Favorites

drugstore beauty favorites

Drugstore beauty is definitely underrated sometimes. We’ve grown up using these items, and they’re some of the best, IMO. Don’t get me wrong, I love using my “fancier” regimen too. But, there are definitely some drugstore beauty gems to keep in mind.

Since all of our malls and most of the stores are closed right now, you can’t (and shouldn’t) be going out to shop for makeup. Because drugstores and grocery stores are essential, I found myself stocking my cart up with some beauty and makeup items in addition to my La Croix and Yasso 🙂

When I left NYC, I didn’t know how long I’d be in Pittsburgh for. I definitely brought my usual travel skincare regimen home, but who knew I’d be here for a couple of months?! Your girl needs to mask and be extra during this time. I picked up a few “must-have” items and also brought some other favorites with me. I made an IGTV of my drugstore beauty favorites if you want to check out the video version, too! I’ll link everything below for you to shop, and let me know what your favorites are. xx

Drugstore Beauty Favorites


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