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Last week, during my trip to South Beach, we wanted to go out for a nice dinner one night. We decided to venture into the city of Miami to get away from the craziness that can surround South Beach.  After researching restaurants online and on Instagram, I knew that Tamarina Restaurant + Bar looked like a must-try!

Located in the Brickell area of Miami, it only takes about 20 minutes via uber to reach the restaurant. We gushed over the glamorous Italian-styled restaurant from the minute we walked in.  Because Miami has great weather, being about 70 degrees, we took advantage of the fresh air and eat on the terrace! It was a beautiful, relaxed setting next to a fountain, with live music playing and twinkle lights hanging overhead.

Tamarina Miami

The restaurant specializes in coastal Italian cuisine inspired by the Mediterranean, incorporating freshly caught seafood and local produce that is prepared using classic Italian techniques. It also features a Crudo Bar and an al fresco Champagne Bar. 

We were treated to a tasting and wine-pairing menu prepared by Chef Alex Diaz who was amazing at explaining the flavors in each dish. If you happened to see my Instagram stories, then you saw how I captured each course. But if not, do not worry! I’ll recap everything for you now.


First Course-Appetizers:
Tamarina Miami


The first course was a tuna tartar and octopus pairing that were both so fresh and flavorful! This was the first time I’ve tried octopus and was surprised that I liked it as much as I did.
Second Course- Pasta:
Tamarina Miami


Then we had Tagliolini al Tartufo Bianco that was probably the best pasta dish I’ve had. Truffles are my weakness, and the chef even shaved fresh truffles over the dish. The pasta was fresh and cooked to perfection.
Tamarina Miami
Next, we had a Beet and Vegetable Risotto.  This bright pink color was unbeatable. The beet flavor was not overpowering, and complemented the risotto nicely.
Third Course- Meat: 
Tamarina Miami
For our third course of the night, Chef Alex brought out a beautifully prepared 21-day-old dry aged NY steak for us. Oh my gosh. This was bathed in truffle butter and basically melted in my mouth. The roasted garlic and sea salt added even more amazing flavors to this dish. As for the bread on the right side? Two words: Foccacia Souffle. It was life changing.
Final Course- Dessert:
Tamarina Miami


Tamarina Miami
As you know, I’m a bit of a sweet tooth, so I was very excited to see these dessert pairings. We had the Grand Marnier and Citronella Creme Brulee, Affogato, and Pistachio Panacotta, all of these were divine. But, the creme brulee took the winning place in my heart and belly.
Overall, we truly enjoyed our dining experience at Tamarina. The waitstaff was very friendly and patient.  The restaurant was upscale, yet trendy, and the food was all prepared to perfection. Finally, I would give Tamarina a 5/5 rating, and definitely recommend visiting the next time you are in the Miami area.
Tamarina Miami


Tamarina Miami
Finally, a special thank you to Chef Alex, Delphine, and Tamarina for having me dine with them. 

14 thoughts on “Eat with Lauren: Tamarina Miami

  1. Love finding neat little places on vacation. This one looks amazing! So glad you loved it and had a great trip. I will definitely check it out if I am in Miami!

  2. Woahh! Love the new blog layout! Anyways, this sounds like it was such a fun night full of delicious food. I always love having fun dinners with multiple courses, because it makes you feel so upscale haha. Glad you had a great Spring Break!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

  3. It all looks delicious! You’re making me want to fly to Miami just to try it. My favorite is dessert of course. (:

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