Pre-Spring Home Decor Favorites

pre-spring home decor

Pre-Spring home decor is finally here! It might still be freezing outside, but I’m channeling some warmer energy and starting to add pops of Spring around our home. I like to keep it pretty affordable when it comes to seasonal decor, with a focus on neutrals of course.

Tim and I went to Short Hills Mall last weekend to do some registry research, and I was swooning over the setups in the stores! Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, and RH are always some favorites. I also want to switch up our bedroom furniture (ahem, king bed please) but should probably wait until we decide how much longer we’ll be in our apartment versus when we might get a house. Craziness!

What are your favorite pieces to add for Spring? Of course, I always love adding various pots and decorative items, but I don’t want it to feel too cluttered. Another easy way to bring Pre-Spring home decor to life is with throw pillows. They’re easy and pretty affordable to switch out and you can save them for next year, too. If you’re looking for a bigger impact in your home, definitely switch up your rugs. I may be biased though, since I work in the rug industry 🙂

As always, you can click on each image below to shop or see more information. Thank you again for shopping through my affiliate links, where I might make a small commission! x

Pre-Spring Home Decor

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