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Day Designer

As an overly organized and extremely busy type-A person, I love finding products that help me keep everything straight. I’m an avid list maker and planner and I actually get excited to check things off once I finish them. I’ve been using a planner since high school and found that it really helps to keep track of all of my assignments and meetings.
This year, I decided to switch to the Day Designer after hearing so many positive reviews–and I love it! Day Designer has an intuitive system that is designed for goals, focus, and living with intention.  Each month starts off with a full calendar overview, then it has a separate page for each day.  My writing is pretty huge so I love all of the additional space to plan out my day.  Every day is broken down by hour and even has space at the top of the page for dinner, dollars, today’s top three, and other reminders.
Day Designer Day Designer
Another one of my favorite parts is the inspirational quote at the top of every page.  I always see it when I sit down in my first class, and it helps give me a positive attitude throughout the day.
I have the Flagship Edition Black Stripe Day Designer and I highly recommend it! Check out what else Day Designer has to offer here. This is definitely a great way to stay organized throughout the school year or at work. I’d love to hear which Day Designer you use and any fun tips you have on staying organized!
Day Designer
This post is in collaboration with Day Designer.  All thoughts and comments are my own. 

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