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Summertime skincare can be tough with the hot temperatures and crazy humidity (especially in NYC). For me, Summer skincare is all about minimal makeup and staying hydrated without looking greasy. I’ve partnered with Bliss to show you some great products that you can use to boost your skincare routine!

Bliss stands for unapologetic happiness and brand belief. Bliss believes inner happiness unlocks outer beauty. The brand offers leading edge, spa-powered skin/wellness products with transformational results at low price points!  It’s products are cruelty free and blissfully free of harmful ingredients.  Bliss also had the cutest activation at HerConference a few weeks ago and displayed some best-sellers, like the Lemon + Sage Body Butter, for attendees to try.  Check out their adorable booth here.  Okay, now onto the Bliss products I’ve been using this summer!


Summer Skincare Routine with Bliss 

Minimal Makeup: When I’m walking around the city and it’s 98% humidity, I hate feeling like my makeup is seeping into my pores. Using a gentle makeup cleanser helps to remove all of my makeup, along with dirt and oil.  The Bliss Makeup Melt collection is refreshing and gentle on your skin while it removes makeup. I have the eye makeup remover (above) and it doesn’t leave that gross, oily residue either.

Hydration without Grease: My skin tends to be on the drier side, and all of the extra washing during the summer doesn’t help. I’ve been using my face oils at night, but I like to add even more hydration after being out in the sun. The Bliss Drench + Quench moisturizer has been great for an everyday lotion.  It’s ultra lightweight and can be worn all day without a greasy or heavy feeling.  When I need an extra burst of moisture and skin revival, I’ll turn to the watermleon mask! The What-a-Melon Reviving & De-stressing Overnight Mask is an overnight mask that creates a nutrient-rich veil to bring tired, stressed out skin back to life. This is always needed after a long work week, and I’ll usually apply an eye mask too!

You can find all of the above products at both Ulta and Target! In addition, Bliss has a line of Pore Patrol products that can be exclusively found at Target. So get out there to try them out 🙂


*This post is in partnership with Bliss and Her Campus Media. All thoughts and opinions are my own!*





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  1. I can’t stand when my moisturizer leaves my skin feeling and looking greasy! I’ll definitely be trying this product from Bliss!

    xo, Sara

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