My Switch to Safer with Beautycounter

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What is Beautycounter? 


Beautycounter is a beauty and personal care company that strives to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Did you know that the U.S. hasn’t passed a major federal law to regulate the safety of ingredients used in personal care products since 1938? How crazy?! There are only 30 partially banned ingredients in the United States compared to over 1,300 in the E.U.

Beautycounter has eliminated 1,500+ questionable or harmful chemicals listed on “The Never List” to ensure that we get the safe products we deserve. Not only do they make safer beauty products, but they also work to get legislation passed to tighten up these rules.



Why I switched to safer:


Once I started looking at the back of my products (foundation, lotion, shampoo, etc.) I noticed that a lot of these ingredients sounded like chemicals. Some of these harmful additives can have scary side effects like infertility or even cancer. Yes, those are extreme cases, but why not use products that look great, feel great, and treat my body right? Through Beautycounter, I’ve been able to learn more about safe beauty and make small, conscious changes to my everyday routine. You don’t have to make the switch to safer all at once! I started out by trying the lip sheer, and have now added several products like the brightening face oil, charcoal mask, and moisturizer to my daily routine.


My Journey to Becoming a Consultant:


As I became interested in safe beauty, I started trying out more and more Beautycounter products. Pretty soon I was hooked! One of my lovely internet friends (these are real, right? lol) reached out to me to join her team. I was ready to take the leap and start sharing Beautycounter with my friends and family!

Even though I work full-time in media and run my blog, I felt that this cause was important enough devote time to! I just started this journey, and I already love the wonderful team of women I get to work with. Everyone is so supportive and dedicated to spreading the message about safer beauty.

P.S. Are you interested in becoming a consultant?! You can send me an email to chat or click here for more info 🙂


Beautycounter Favorites for Every Skin Type: 

Beautycounter offers something for all different skin types and has products that help tons of common skin issues. This is just a short list, but feel free to message me about your specific skin needs and I’d be happy to lead you in the right direction.



Regular/Dull Skin: Brightening Facial Oil


I like to call this the miracle worker! Filled with vitamin c, it makes your face glow. It’s perfect for all skin types, especially those with dull or uneven skin tones.


Clogged Pores/Oily Skin: Charcoal Balancing Mask


I used this the other day and my skin looked so clear after! This mask unclogs pores and helps remove any excess oil from your skin.


Dry Skin: Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer


While this is especially good for dry skin, it is also the BEST everyday moisturizer. The countermatch technology helps the lotion adapt to your skin changes throughout the day without ever making it look greasy.


Wrinkles/Aging Skin: The Rejuvenating Collection


The rejuvenating line was designed especially for deep lines and wrinkles. This serum specifically increases firmness and improves hydration in your skin.


Makeup Favorites



Let me know if you ever have any questions! I’d love to hear if you try Beautycounter and what products you like. Come on this journey with me and make the switch to safer too!




37 thoughts on “My Switch to Safer with Beautycounter

    1. I know! Annie- they are GREAT for sensitive skin due to the safe ingredients 🙂 Feel free to message me to chat about specific products! xx

  1. I have been thinking about trying Beauty counter because my skin is so so dry and starting to wrinkle a little bit:( I want to avoid products that contain chemicals that are harmful to your skin that could cause premature aging. Thanks for sharing this❤️

  2. How great that you were able to find a brand that truly worked for your skin and lifestyle. I continue to hear wonderful things about Beautycounter!

  3. I’ve heard great things about Beauty Counter! Their products look so good. I’m definitely going to have to try some of them out soon. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

    xoxo Bryanna | Coming in Clutch

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