The Lifestyle Edit, Vol. 11- 2019 Intentions

2019 Intentions

Honestly, still just trying to absorb the fact that it’s already 2019. It’s crazy how fast a year can go, especially when you’re always running around with 10 things to do!

This past year was a pretty monumental one for me. I switched careers and am now doing something that I love and allows me to be creative each day! I also started to focus more on my blog (aka the second job), while trying to step outside of my comfort zone and connect with even more of you. Keeping it real is always important to me, and I will continue to do that this year!

For 2018, I decided to set intentions instead of resolutions and keep them in mind the entire year. My intentions from last year were:

  • FOCUS – on what goes into or on my body
  • EXPLORE – find new areas that are outside of my comfort zone
  • CREATE – use my passion for something good

Surprisingly, I actually stuck to all three of them! I explored by going to Europe for the first time, vacationing with friends, and attending my first press trip for the blog. I created and used my passion by switching jobs to work in social media management and also by writing on this space. Finally, I focused on what goes in or on my body by starting mediation, using some natural beauty products, and taking natural supplements for my hypothyroidism. But, this is one area that I want to continue to improve for 2019 by eating healthier and truly being mindful about that.

2019 Intentions

As for 2019, I’ll be focusing on intentions again to better both my mind and body. I jokingly said on Instagram that one of my goals for the year is to go out more..but that isn’t totally a lie. I find myself getting so tired on the weekends from work and events throughout the week, that I often choose to stay in and rest. This year, I plan to make more of an effort to go out and reach out to friends I haven’t seen as often as I’d like. I also plan to focus on WELLNESS as a big intention this year. My wellness goals include:

  • Getting my hypothyroidism under control. This involves several things like adjusting my medication, taking supplements, and intermittent fasting. But, once I finally get it under control, (I’ve been struggling for about 3 years), I should feel like a new person!
  • Eating healthier and being mindful about it. Because I’m intermittent fasting for my thyroid help, this helps me to control late night snacking. I’m also focusing on ingredients in my food and trying to eat less processed foods. I started the Splendid Spoon meal delivery this week and am loving it so far! It’s designed for the busy 9-5 person, so you get 5 breakfast smoothies and 5 lunch bowls per week. *You can order through this link for $50 off!*
  • De-cluttering everything! I’m pretty good about cleaning aka dusting and vacuuming, but each week I accumulate boxes and bags all around my room. I’m trying to get better about going through deliveries right away and decided what to keep, give to friends, or donate. I’ll also be cleaning out my closet once a month to help de-clutter! In June I’ll be moving apartments, so I need to start getting organized now 🙂

Will you be setting goals or intentions for the new year? Are any of your intentions like mine?! I’d love to know!


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