The Pros + Cons of Living in NYC

Pros and Cons of Living in NYC

pros + cons of living in nycpros + cons of living in nycpros + cons of living in nyc pros + cons of living in nycpros + cons of living in nycpros + cons of living in nycpros + cons of living in nyc

pros + cons of living in nyc

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The city so nice, they named it twice. Ah, New York. If you would’ve asked me five years ago where I’d be living and working, I highly doubt I’d ever say NYC. The dirt, the noise, the crowds… totally not my thing. But after scoring two internships here during college, I immediately fell in love with this magical place. Living in NYC is interesting, and no two days are the same, which is something I absolutely love.

Every time I go home people ask, “wow, how are you liking it there?” and “do you actually like living there?”.  My answer- 100% YES.  If you grew up in the suburbs like me, you probably spent a lot of time in the car jamming to the radio. You probably also never thought you’d be walking to work each day in one of the biggest cities

For all of you out there that are thinking about moving to NYC, or any big city, this list of pros and cons should help you out.  Some of these things I knew before I moved, but never did i realize how nice it would be to have everything you need within 5 blocks.  Here are some things to consider before you jump into your move!


pros + cons of living in nyc




Convenience– If you live in Manhattan, chances are that you are pretty dang close to everything.  I have at least 3 drugstores within 5 minutes of me, a grocery store, nail salon, restaurants. etc. You get the picture.

Transportation In high school and college I’d be in my car all the time getting from place to place. Now I don’t even have my car with me! I was a bit hesitant for this at first, but it’s so freeing not to have to rely on your car! It’s amazing to be able to walk everywhere, and the subway is also such a life-saver. (I probably still spend too much money on Uber, though)

FOOD This is probably a given, but it’s FOODIE heaven. New York City has every type of food that you’d ever crave. Not only do they have areas known for their cuisine, but these restaurants are super authentic with people who moved to NYC to share their family recipes.  There are also a bunch of pop-ups, outdoor food festivals, and other food events to attend here. I say you can eat what you want since you have to walk everywhere, right? 🙂

Shopping- My guilty pleasure and bad habit. Every store you’d ever need is within 10 miles… except Nordstrom, but it’s coming next year! It’s definitely not good for a shopaholic like me who will go buy things during my lunch break. But this also plays off of my convenience point, and you don’t have to go far.

Events/Nightlife– The city that never sleeps lives up to that nickname. With bars around every corner, you will not run out of things to do here. It’s also been amazing to attend events for my blog like product launches and NYFW. There are a ton of websites like Time Out and Pulsd that also give you lists of things to do each week.

History and Culture You can’t move to this city without taking advantage of all the cultural and historical things it offers. From Museum Mile to Broadway to The Statue of Liberty, sometimes you have to look up and remember where you are. It’s not every city that you can see an amazing Broadway show on a Tuesday.

Opportunities- From job and networking opportunities to the chance to meet new and awesome people, NYC is filled with options for professional and personal growth. I’ve had the chance to make great friends and meet some industry leaders in my time here so far! I also love finding my community in this big city, and joined a social club, Ollie Social, which helps get like-minded people together to do fun things!




Gross smells This is kind of a big one for me, since I have such a sensitive nose. It’s not like your whole apartment smells or anything, but you might want to hold your nose when you walk by garbage on the street,  ha.

It’s Expensive– You probably know about this too, but NYC is definitely pricey. Living in the heart of Manhattan averages $1500+ per month, and drinks are pretty expensive too. There are ways to get around this though, like living in a converted double apartment and pre-gaming at home.

Lack of personal space- Apartments aren’t huge and you will probably hate being squished on a hot subway in the heart of August, but it builds character.

Tourists (sorry not sorry)– Walking through Times Square is literally my worst nightmare. I love when people visit, but groups of tourists are v. annoying. They always tend to stop in the middle of the sidewalk right on my way to work.


The pros definitely outweigh the cons in my opinion, and NYC is the place to be if you want a fast-paced life with unlimited options. I’ve officially lived here for 9 months so far, and it’s safe to say i’ll be sticking around longer.

Feel free to email me or comment if you ever have any NYC questions!



27 thoughts on “The Pros + Cons of Living in NYC

  1. This mirrors how I felt when I moved from the suburbs to San Francisco after college. I loved the convenience of the city but there were definitely hidden costs, annoying groups of tourists, crowded buses without available seats, and so many bad smells! I imagine NYC to be about the same only a lot bigger. It sounds magical and like you found your place! Enjoy it!!


  2. I lived in Long Beach for less than a year and enjoyed being so close to the ocean, but couldn’t get over how bad the traffic was to and from ANYWHERE.

  3. LOVE this lady! I always wonder what people see as the pros and cons of living in the city after being there awhile. I agree that the food is SUCH a pro and that the cost is SUCH a con. And the business is exactly why I could never live there!

    xo Laura Leigh

  4. Ooooh this was a fun one to read. Crazy enough, I have never been to NY longer than a couple of hours, and the last time I was there I was 11! I need to go back and truly visit and explore. But I’ll get you to be my guide so I’m not such a typical tourist 😉

  5. The Pros definitely out weigh the cons but I agree that Manhattan is SO pricey, especially for alcohol! And this girl loves to drink haha! But I can’t wait to visit again!

    xo, Sara

  6. I loved this post!! I’ve always wondered what someone who lives in NYC thinks the pros and cons are! I’ve still never even visited, but it’s at the top of my travel bucket list!

  7. NYC is one of my favorite places to visit and I have always wanted to know from a residents perspective what it’s like there. I think everyone should have the city experience life no matter where you live.

  8. I have never been to New York, but I would NEVER live there. Just visiting for a few days would be enough.

    Honestly, with the extreme chaos, expenses, etc…. I don’t know how anybody can stay sane there.

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