Three Ways to Beat Undereye Circles

beat under-eye circles

beat under-eye circles beat under-eye circles beat under-eye circles beat under-eye circles

Thanks to VII Code for collaborating with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


From working a full-time job, blogging, and just living life in NYC, I probably never get enough sleep. I can’t help that I’m a night owl and tend to be more productive after 9pm.  The one thing that bothers me about this habit, though, is the dark undereye circles I get.  I’ve tried countless things to either cover the bags under my eyes or heal them, and now I have a pretty good routine down!

These three steps/products will definitely help beat your undereye circles. By combining three different techniques, they work together to combat the puffiness and darkness that I usually get under my eyes.


How to Beat Under-eye Circles:

Step 1: Start with a jade roller right when you wake up. I got this jade roller from Amazon, and it works so well! I like to keep in the refrigerator to stay cool, then I use it in the morning. After I wash my face and apply this brightening serum, I’ll jade roll my entire face (including softly under my eyes). Jade rolling is known to decrease inflammation and improve circulation on your face. Roll in an upward motion for best results.


Step 2: Apply VII Code Oxygen Eye Cream every morning and night. This cream is meant to repair your skin and activate the skin’s natural repair system. The oxygen aspect of the mask gives it a light and airy feel. It doesn’t leave my face greasy at all, and my eyes look instantly brighter after I use it.


Step 3: Use the VII Code Oxygen Eye Mask once a week. This eye mask is the first to be approved to wear overnight and up to 8 hours! You apply the patches under your eyes, go to sleep, and wake up feeling and looking your best. These are super hydrating and cooling under my eyes, and I love how they feel.  With natural antioxidants, they invigorate your skin overnight.

Do you have any tips for dark circles that you live by?! I’d love to hear them.




20 thoughts on “Three Ways to Beat Undereye Circles

  1. Under eye circles are something I just started dealing with for some reason (hey I’m not complaining it took this long!). So glad to read about these eye patches, because I do not want to have to try a million products before I find the right now! Will check VII Code as well as jade rollers out asap! x

  2. Okay, I definitely need to try this! I have been working crazy hours and my dark circles re out of control lol!


  3. Okkkk I totes need to get the under eye mask! The gel sounds so refreshing and soothing for that delicate area under your eyes!

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