Travel Diary | Paris, France

Paris Travel Diary

Paris is the place that I’d been dying to visit forever! It was the second stop on our trip, and we were lucky enough to have three days there to explore.

It was nice and warm while we visited, and we tried to stay outside and explore as much as possible. We actually had planned to do a whole day trip to Versailles one day, but the workers were on strike and they had to close! Apparently that happens several times each year, which is crazy to think about. During our free time that day we ended up exploring some smaller, less-touristy French towns that I loved! We also had the most amazing lunch, which I’ll show you below.

Honestly though, French food isn’t my favorite. The croissants and baguettes were amazing, but I barely know any French so ordering dinner was a bit tricky. I definitely got my fair share of carbs in.. and this was before we even went to Italy 🙂

Paris Travel Diary

Day 1: 

I feel like we finally got over the jet lag at this point and were ready to explore! We took the train from London to Paris, which was super quick. After checking into the new hotel we headed right to a cute cafe for some drinks + food. Then it was time to spend the rest of the day exploring!

First Stop: Musee d’Orsay

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Next: Touring Notre Dame and Church (in French accidentally)

We thought that we were attending English mass, but it was in French! None of us could understand a word.. lol.

Finally: Dinner at another cute cafe and fresh crepes!

Finishing up the night with dinner and fresh crepes was the absolute best way to end a busy day!


Day 2: 

First: Trucadero square and breakfast with Eiffel Tower views

I knew that I needed to go to Trucadero for the best shots of the Eiffel Tower. So, I dragged my family with me early in the morning to get some cute photos before it got too overcrowded. But look how cute they turned out!

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Next up: Champs D’Elysse and the Louvre

We aren’t huge art people and the Lourve is massive, so we opted to just see the outside of it and get the classic tourist picture. I’d say it was on point.

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Next: Lunch at another cute cafe and exploring Le Marais

This area had the cutest little shops and restaurants! It felt less crowded than the main tourist areas too. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Finally: Montemarte + Dinner

We ended the night going up Monmarte and seeing the Basillica and the rest of the mountain town. I finally got to go to the Instagrammable La Maison Rose after seeing it online! We found an adorable dinner spot, Oggi, and got there just in time before a storm started.

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Day 3: 

This was supposed to be Versailles, but with the change of plans we had extra time to explore around Paris. We also had our Eiffel Tower tour planned for later this evening.

First up: Breakfast at a cafe, because duh.

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Next: Toured the Palais Garnier (Opera House) and Galleria
Next: Had the best lunch at Pink Mamma!

Guys it was literally so good! My sister’s friend recommended it, and I’m so happy we got to go.

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Next: Walked around a French market to get the freshest fruit, cheeses, meats, and wine for a picnic!

This was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip. Talking to the local people is the best way to learn about a new place.

Next: Rain plan= picnic in our hotel.

We planned to eat our picnic food in the park by the Eiffel Tower, but it started storming so hard 🙁 My parents are the cutest though, and had the hotel set up the picnic inside for us! It was just as good!

Finally: Tour of the Eiffel tower (all the way up!)

The best way to end our last night in Paris!

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