Whole30 Charcuterie Board

Whole30 charcuterie board

A Whole30 charcuterie board is just SO much fun to put together! I shared this video on my Instagram reels the other day, and you loved it. So, I figured I’d give it a place to live on the blog as well for future reference. If you’ve been following along, Tim and I are almost done with a round of Whole30. This is my third round and his first, and it was great to have a partner to do it with!

We started a few weeks into the new year to really reset after the holiday craziness. I also decided to get more creative with recipes this time around and found a few that were amazing. This salmon and this cashew chicken were a few favorites.

Now, something that we were missing a lot were my infamous charcuterie boards. Just because cheese is off the table, doesn’t mean you can’t have a tasty snack tray. Grab your favorite fruits, veggies, compliant dips, and even some nuts and plantain chips to build your board. We LOVE the Tessame’s ranch and used fresh salsa too. Side note: someone commented, “you need crackers” on TikTok and I was cracking up. Check our our Whole30 Charcuterie board and let me know what you think!

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Whole30 charcuterie board
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