Why Chromotherapy is the Wellness Trend you Should Know About


First of all- what in the world is Chromotherapy?! In basic terms, chromotherapy is color therapy that helps your mind and body heal in different ways. Think of things like treating seasonal depression, increasing collagen production, calming, anti-aging, and balancing energy.

Sound like a fad to you? Probably. But, let me tell you… it isn’t! I’ve been introducing chromotherapy into my routine for the past year, and each time I have a treatment, I feel much more relaxed and detoxified.

Before I talk about the main ways that I embrace Chromotherapy, here are some of the amazing benefits that each color can provide (from Sunlighten + HigherDose).

Chromotherapy Benefits

  • Red- Cleansing, strengthens veins and arteries
  • Orange- Helps with breathing conditions (like asthma) and eliminates fat
  • Yellow- Purifies skin, assists metabolism, and helps with lymphatic disorders
  • Green- Provides a sense of calm and harmony
  • Blue- De-stresses and helps with nervous tension
  • Indigo- Also has a calming effect, and can help with eye, ear, and nose issues
  • Violet- Calms the nervous system, soothes organs and relaxes muscles
  • Pink- Eliminates impurities in the bloodstream

How I Practice Chromotherapy

One of the most popular ways to experience Chromotherapy, and my favorite way to detox, is through an infrared sauna with light therapy. I’ve been going to a spot called Higher Dose for over a year now, and love getting my monthly dose in for a little R+R. They have locations in NY, NJ, and CT, and you can book either 30 or 60 minute sessions.

When I first started I did the 30 minute session, but now I do the full hour, and you only stay in the actual for sauna for about 45 minutes, which allows your body to readjust and cool down. I honestly wasn’t a huge sauna person, but the infrared light made it so relaxing! You can also play your own music while at Higher Dose and totally customize your experience. Each room has a booklet that explains all the shades/benefits, but I usually start with red/orange for collagen and detoxifying. Then I’ll end with purple/blue to relax and try to feel zen.

Another form of light therapy I was recently introduced to was a Fire & Ice facial at Pulse Laser and Skincare Center. This facial starts off with a warming glycolic acid mask, then moves into a cooling aloe mask, before finishing with a 30-minute LED session.

This LED session was different than my infrared sauna because it was a light that was just placed over my face, and it was all to improve collagen production and encourage cellular renewal. The facial doesn’t have any downtime either and leaves your skin looking refreshed after.

Have you tried out light therapy before? I’d love to hear your experience!



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